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A city in Massachusetts known for poverty and violence. Most observers criticize these street-level phenomena, but institutional corruption dwarfs both, whether police/fire/school departments, public works, or the mayor and city council. While a thin crust of decent people keep the city from collapsing in on itself, Brockton has rightfully been used as a punch line in a Playboy cartoon (in the 70's, when they were very popular), movies (Coneheads, The Departed), and by dozens of authors (most notably the august Lewis Lapham).
Example? Don't dispute me, ever. I grew up in Brockton and could tell you things you simply wouldn't believe could happen in a city ten times the size. If you live there, get out as fast as possible. Your quality of life will increase dramatically.
#brockton #corruption #racism #violence #poverty #ignorance #medieval #third world #vfw #police violence #theft #drugs #alcoholism #graft #noir #misery #nepotism
by MasonC March 27, 2013
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