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BOOMSKIIKA:(BOOM-SHEE-KA) A word used in place of pudding derived from my freind cooper who said it was a tradition of philie ,but was just a word.
jack gimmie your boomshiika
by mason February 01, 2005
To break into a house, car, etc. Comes from the word "burglar"
Evalyn had to burgle into her house because she couldn't find the key.
by Mason November 25, 2004
The act of masturbating in the bushes and waiting for a woman to walk by, then jumping out and spraying semen all over her. AKA The charlie
Hey, let's go on the Tet-Offensive.
by Mason April 15, 2003
Endearing term for a friend or family member, usually another male. May come from the word "grumpy" originally, or may refer to the rump or butt. My father called my grandfather this and vice versa. Is also an adjective meaning "darn" or "stupid" for objects or situations.
"Hey Rumpy, what's up?"
"I was watching the rumpy baseball game and the rumpy Cubs lost again."
by Mason November 13, 2003
To use ones penis to hit someone with, usually upon the face.

A combination of 'cock' and 'smack'
'He cacked me on the face, and now I have a big long bruise'

'Watch it, or i'll cack you.'
by Mason January 30, 2004
common name for a japanese girl who digs gay lookin' japanese dudes.
that natsumi girl is really into the metros.
by mason April 23, 2006
A hat that makes your head look like an actual penis head.
Person1: Dude, did your head turn into a penis?
Stereotypical Skater1: Dude...not uh. Oh wait...huh huh...Yea it does.
by Mason March 02, 2005

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