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34 definitions by Mason

Another creative term for male masturbation
I'm spending a quiet evening with Rosie Palms tonight.
by Mason April 14, 2003
39 16
An endearing term for a fellow with unusual or outward fetishes or perversions. Or just a friend / brother / etc. who made his perversions public somehow and can't live it down. pervert
Hey Pervis, how's it hangin'?
by Mason November 13, 2003
45 25
Term used to describe a fat or overweight woman.
Take a look at bone crusher over there!
by Mason April 14, 2003
44 26
To suddenly have one's job position terminated. See Dead Like Me, Adaired and Devil's Spawn.
"You're shitcanning me, just like that?"

"For what he did to Dead Like Me, Showtime should consider shitcanning Robert Greenblatt."
by Mason December 30, 2004
48 34
wannabe hippies who break the rules of hippie-dom, such as littering, driving an SUV, showering, or wearing designer clothes.
damn, look at those hippies littering... thats so hippie-critical!
by mason March 26, 2005
16 7
Term used to describe something displeasing or otherwise horrible. Imagine, if you will, a town, named "Crap Town" and what sort of things you would find in said town. "Craptown" should only be used to describe inanimate objects; it is considered very degrading to describe a person as craptown.
There is no way I am letting that craptown X-box into my house!
by Mason January 14, 2005
10 5
I OS that had its flaws in the past, but since the NT core has been used has fix many of the flaws. Writen in 32bit, soon a 64bit version will be out of the 64bit cpu's.
"Will this Windows XP software work on my abacuses?"
by Mason July 11, 2003
15 13