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Immediately after you blow your load in a girl's mouth, smack the back of her head and make it come out her nose. When she gets up she'll look like an angry dragon.
I gave your mom an angry dragon last night!
by Mason April 14, 2003
A short girl with hair
That's Grace Unangst!
by Mason November 30, 2004
cool: the first option given when trying to type 'cool' in a text message using t9
that chick thinks she's book, but she's totally hacked.
by mason March 26, 2005
A highly selective, liberal arts school in Richmond, Virginia.
I wish I was accepted to Richmond.
by Mason March 31, 2005
This occurs when someone hits someone else from behind, usually when the person being hit doesn't know it until afterwards. Usually considered shady or a "bitch move".
That motherfucker came up and sucker punched me!
by Mason April 14, 2003
Where the top 1% congregate to spend all their blood money.
Rich people live in Vienna.
by Mason November 30, 2004
Another creative term for male masturbation
I'm spending a quiet evening with Rosie Palms tonight.
by Mason April 14, 2003
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