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3 definitions by MashMaster

The 'God's Joint' is a joint that combines all variations of cannabis, such as resin on the paper, herbal, bud and solid mixed with baccy, lightly topped with pollen. This joint will supply one with a most joyful high and a very long mong at the end.
Jefferson: S**t that smells good!
Peterson: I know right, try smoking it...
Jefferson: Mhhhmm, what is it?
Peterson: It's God's Joint, man.
Jefferson: Give it here man!
by MashMaster December 15, 2010
~A statement used when a person has the ability to rip a bong with such skill and speed that when the lighter is used, they only need to use it very briefly.
~To get completely blazed as fast as you can
Jefferson: Hey man, look at him rip that bong!!
Peterson: S**t, he's ripping it like a B**ch
Jefferson: He's hitting the Fire.
Peterson: Amen.
by MashMaster December 15, 2010
The windmill is a joint that consists of 5 individual joints combined into one awesome joint. It is a similar roll to the cross joint, however, where the two smaller joints enter at opposite sides, 2 more joints do the same at a 90 degree angle.
Once all 5 end's are light, one is to spin the joint slowly so that the ends rotate, and look like a windmill.
Peterson: Hey man, what you smoking??
Jefferson: A windmill man...
Peterson: Sick one, gives a drag!
Jefferson: Here...
Peterson: It's F***ing awesome!!
by MashMaster December 15, 2010