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I dont give a shit
Tyler:I beat Diablo, hehe im a dork!
by Mase June 04, 2004
Act of pwnership in counterstrike and one who has mastered the full potentials of drifting.
The DriFTMasta Just Busted You In Your Head! TTBG
by Mase June 24, 2003
A Soda that tastes like Gummy Bears.
This new Mountain Dew Live Wire tastes like Gummy Bears.
by Mase June 17, 2003
Act of pwnership, to bust g's till the mourning light.
I just pulled a Mase on your head!
by Mase June 24, 2003
Mase The 1337 Necrovamp
by Mase July 03, 2003

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