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2 definitions by Masa Thor

Person who normally rides a longboard skateboard rather than a more traditional short skateboard. While most (not all) skateboarders tend to have a tendency to attempt to be cool by rebelling against society by listening to music with no flow to it and by hating everyone around them; Longboarders are generally more chilled out; Opting for more peaceful genres of music like Ska and also just skate to enjoy the ride, not to act like cocky jerks to everybody.
Skater - Man... People all suck. I hate my parents who pretty much payed for this board.

Longboarder - That's too bad bra. I'm just trying to enjoy life as it comes dude

Skater - Well you're a pussy too!

Longboarder - Damn...

*Karma.. Skateboarder crashes in freak accident after failing a trick and ends up on Scarred. There's his 15 minutes of fame*
by Masa Thor July 07, 2008
Term used in adherence to fraternities when it comes to recruiting. In rushing; hordes of people are invited to a massive blowout party thrown by a certain fraternity. During this time, brothers can weed out who could make a good member of their organization. After this; they go to the people who stood out and recruit them for their fraternity. And than the hazing begins...
Student - This rushing is crazy! Who's that guy?

by Masa Thor July 10, 2008