2 definitions by Mas Swagengen

Dating a celebrity whom you have a huge crush on in your head since you do not stand a chance to actually date him/her. Tweeting numerously at the particular celebrity's account to get his/her attention is the best way to know if one is mentally dating a celebrity.
- So wassup with you? You married or something?
- No. but I'm mental dating a celebrity.
by Mas Swagengen September 28, 2011
Someone, usually a member of an online forum, who trolls the trolls in order to run them off the infested website/forum and keep the place clean.
- Dayumn this place is unbearable! You can't have a mature discussion anymore.
- You are right, we are desperately in need of a Troll Sodomizer!
by Mas Swagengen October 17, 2011

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