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Someone who happens to a freak, not in bed or anything good, just a freak. Most shlupkas try to fit in with everyone, and fail miserably. Shlupkas seem to hate each other, because they know that they're all losers, and therefore, fail once more.
Kid: Hey you there.
Shlupka: Me?
Kid: Yea you.
Shlupka: I be 0ff da h1zzy.
Kid: Stupid shlupka.
by Marz Barzz March 13, 2010
The act of doing homework while half asleep. Usually, the next morning, you have no clue when you did it, all that matters is that you have it ready for school, and you might possibly get a good grade for once.
Kid1: Ayee,do you happen to have the homework from Mrs.Riggle's class?

Kid2: Actually, I do! I sleemworked this junk.


Kid1: I wish I could sleemework like you.

Kid2: Yea, I know.
by Marz Barzz March 13, 2010
Pop A Boner. Used commonly among phresh floridian koolkats who want to tell their broskii's that they have a "stiffy" and nobody should look at their genitals at the moment. Also can be used in reference to a smokin hot babe.
KoolKat1: Did you see that girl? So fineee,I just P.A.B.'d.
KoolKat2: I really didn't need to know that.


Kid: She makes me want to P.A.B.
by Marz Barzz March 13, 2010

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