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A Bodi is a drug in the form of a person. Highly addictive once it gets into your realm; beware, withdrawal symptoms are severe and last for months---even years.

A Bodi is one of the hottest guys you will ever meet. His muscles are so ripped that you just assume he is or has been Mr. America. His looks automatically draw the eyes of everyone; women pant, men are jealous and skeptical, even zombies are stunned (more so than usual) by the attractiveness. A Bodi appears immaculate, casual yet extremely sexy, white dress shirt, blue jeans that fit tight in all the right places, gorgeous tan, white teeth....simple yet eye catching. Speaking of eyes, if you meet a Bodi you must stare into his eyes. They are captivating...he will lock eyes with you and you will immediately know that great sex with him is definitely in the near future. A Bodi will treat you as if you are the most desired queen that has ever walked the earth. You have just died and gone to heaven, and you don't even know it yet!

Even though a Bodi is an extreme risk taker, you should not be. Don’t run with the pack of hyenas that constantly torment an extremely attractive male. The “who” and “why” that results will shatter you, and could cause you to fall off a lethal ledge.
Dudette 1: I sure could use a good Bodi again, like Travis.
Dudette 2: You will never get over him, will you? LOL!
by Marykate Veras March 01, 2013
You got to meet a Jama to love her. Even though she farts when she laughs, she is still a very sexy chick! She gets crushes on all the hot guys, and they usually think she is the best chick around! Pretty doesn't cover it, she is hot gorgeous and has the best heart of anyone her age. When she likes you, your heart melts! A Jama's brothers think she is mouthy, but no one else seems to see that fault in her. A Jama does not like to exercise, but she can sure shake her luscious booty! A Jama can get crabby, but she can also be one of the funniest people in the world. A Jama has really stylish clothes, and the way she wears them is always sexy! She doesn't need makeup to sparkle. Don't pass up a chance to meet with a Jama, she will make your life wonderful and fun!
Did you see that girl? She is so cute, she is such a Jama!
by Marykate Veras March 25, 2013
A mother you loved fucking....but if it was a milf'd Amy you get bonus points! A milf'd Amy will be one of the best experiences you ever have!
Man, I can't believe I milf'd Amy, never had anyone so hot!
by Marykate Veras March 30, 2013
Mom I loved fucking...and would do again in an instant.
She is no longer a Milf to me, she's a milf'd!
by Marykate Veras March 30, 2013
Yes, a Carol is a beautiful girl....a Caroljean is totally different! A Caroljean is cute when she is young, but when a Caroljean gets older, things change very quickly. She forgets how to be polite because she has always been the center of attention; after getting older and ugly she no longer is admired, but she doesn't realize it. A Caroljean smokes heavily, making her voice goat like and her breath smell like a skunk. A Caroljean has eyes that bug out of her head. Her hair is always cut short and choppy, making her aged skin look more wrinkly than an elephant. A Caroljean usually has gained a ton of weight. She scares young kids, they think she is an ugly hag. When you add obnoxious behavior to fat, ugly, scarey, and wrinkly....a Caroljean is no longer someone who is beautiful and desired!
When I married a Caroljean I was so in love with her beauty. After just a few years, she turned into a cantankerous nightmare!
by Marykate Veras March 25, 2013
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