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1. one who eats their greens, and nothing but.
2. one who smokes their greens, and loves it
1. The brontosaurus was an herbivorous dinosaur.
2. Call up the herbivores to get the sypha started.
by Marybutt May 01, 2007
1. The cold freezer in the back of restraunt/bars where they keep food refrigerated and fresh.
2. The place people, usually a group of people, opt to hang out in when the atmosphere of the bar is horrendous, full of mutants, and too sober for their pace.
"Let's go check out the VIP room"
"Ummm this is the whole bar here and it sucks too much to even think of having a VIP area."
"Well have u gone in the back to the icebox...?"
by Marybutt April 24, 2007
1. "whatever"
2. "fuck this"
3. "aiight"
...the period represents a short-ended frustration.
"this shit is wack."
by Marybutt December 14, 2007

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