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Common symptoms of stage 1 ONE-ITIS are the following:

-thinking she's so much different from any other girl you've ever met.
-thinking she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
-thinking she is to at least some degree innocent and moral. (See definition of a slu.)

Common symptoms of stage 2 ONE-ITIS are the following:

-calling her 2-3x a day, just to talk.
-staying on the phone when she calls you.
-analyzing everything she says and does. Example: "I saw Mary-Slu in the hall today, she looked my way, what did she mean by that???"
-completely ignoring every other girl who shows interest in you.
-asking anyone and everyone for advice and to over-analyze her actions.
-thinking your different from the other 100000000 million "good guy friends" she has. Reality check dbag, YOUR NOT.
"Shes different from any other girl I've ever met, I love her, even if shes a slu and has hooked up with all of my friends."

-Michael D. Wolfe (Suffers from severe stage 2 ONE-ITIS)
by Mary Slu January 22, 2006

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