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a game when one person sucks on a paper with their mouth then the person sitting next to them trys to take it by sucking it with there mnouths and the person that has it blows. If they drop it in the process then they have to kiss.
by mary poppins June 11, 2003
A large amount, bigger than both an ass-load and a shit-load
Dude, that is a whack-load of crack in the truck of your car.
by Mary Poppins October 15, 2004
A boy who loves grandpa's hot sweaty cock
Swimming naked in the bath
by Mary Poppins March 22, 2004
Ebonic mutation of the standardly accepted English word 'evening', meaning the close of the daytime, the decline or the end of the day.
Mz. Stubbs, how are you doin' this ervenin?
by Mary Poppins September 10, 2003
combination of maori (new zealand) and chinese. ai means love in chinese, che means "sweet, cool" in maori.

so basically, ai-che stands for something like "sweet, i love that" et cetera
"man, i love starbucks.. their brownies are ai-che"

"really? ai-che!"
by mary poppins January 03, 2005
The word itself is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Your Mom.
by Mary Poppins March 24, 2003

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