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The distance (almost invariably large) between a celebrity's self-perceived vs. actual talent.
egomaniacal jackass delusional fucknutty celebutard kanye'd
After that "Louboutins" song, J. Lo looks like she'd descending ever deeper into Kanye Canyon.
by Mary Nightshade December 22, 2009
The part of one's brain that actually does the thinking-as opposed to the areas that deal with sex ("Me want FUCK!"), food ("Me want peanut butter cups."), relationships ("Me want FUCK!"), seeking shelter/safety (frequently negotiated via demand for/willingness to provide sex and peanut butter cups), fashion sense ("You're going to wear THAT?").
Taking the college entrance exam really strained my "thinkulator"-I can tell because I notice a "fizzing" sensation in my head, then my eyes and ears start crossing and uncrossing.
by Mary Nightshade January 17, 2010
Euphemism for penis (derived from the fairground ride "Tilt-a-Whirl")
"A ride on the tilt-a-girl will do you a world of good," said the lothario, gesturing lasciviously toward his crotch.
by Mary Nightshade December 12, 2009
Figured at roughly the same ratio as dog years vs. human years: $1 in human currency=approximately $7 in dog money.
Ed: Rover doesn't seem to understand that he needs to have $7 in dog money for every one of ours in order to earn his keep.

Ted: As long as we don't try to figure in the Euro rate; I just wish the bills weren't all coated with dog slobber.
by Mary Nightshade February 13, 2010
Term for a person who will not keep his hands to himself. (derived from Paul McCartney's "Admiral Halsey" ditty). grab-assing handsey hands off the merchandise grabby grandpa touchy
As soon as we got to our table, John Mayer turned into a regular Admiral Handsey-and he was STILL able to Tweet away on Twitter!
by Mary Nightshade December 22, 2009
A mental/neurological disorder. The primary symptom: submitting one's own name (or that of an acquaintance) to the Urban Dictionary, usually defined as (for males): "great guy", "spunk pump with huge cock", "mini-micro dick", "an asshole supreme", etc. (for females): "fine lady", "slut", whore", "slut-whore", "skeeving skeezer", "cock tease", "bitch", etc. In the most serious form of the disorder, the patient actually thinks he/she/it is worthy of something beyond the withering contempt and ridicule heaped upon them by the editors.
This guy obviously suffers from "Definition Deficiency Syndrome"-he submitted his girlfriend's name last week and praised her, but now she's a cankerous, syphilitic slut with buck teeth and excess nose hair.
by Mary Nightshade January 17, 2010

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