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Dodgy in general. The sketchmaster.
Adam....you're so bad
by Mary Katherine Gallagher June 09, 2004
Ignorant thoughtless bimbo who claims to hate wearing the uniform, and then on free dress days all come dressed exactly alike (polo shirt with flipped up collars, pearls/tiffany's, sweat pants, flip flops and the trademark ribbon). They also wear ugg boots (so named because of their sheer hideousness)and hike up their skirts so high that you are forced to see their thongs when they bend over and sit down. No one respects them, not even their classmates, just uses them for a quick shag. They have no scope of the world outside what they can see through their own colored contacts, and they don't care about any one else, only doing community service because it is a graduation requirement. They bitch and moan about how much they hate the school, and then freak out when you walk on the seal or talk badly about it, even when you also go there. They get drunk and take topless pictures of themselves making out with each other, and then bring the pictures in to show their friends (THIS IS A TRUE STORY). They also get high and, if they're on the sports team, they get away with it. They are racist, conservative cleptomaniacs who claim to be Catholic, while having flings, getting taken advanatage of, bragging about their sexual exploits and having abortions. There are the few people there who do not fall into this category, but when asked what school they go to, they either cringe or say they dropped out of high school. There's a lot more dignity in that answer than there is in the truth.
"What do you mean I'm a holy cross girl? Just because I went to the school...? Yea, well if you ever say it again, I'll cut you!"
by Mary Katherine Gallagher December 12, 2004
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