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When two, sitting, people are flirting by touching knees usually under a table. Similar to footsie but is better done while sitting side by side or kitty corner, and is less likely to cause outbursts of laughter. Also the recipient often wonders if the kneesier is doing it on purpose.
Q: Was that creep playing kneesies with you too?
A: Yes, my knee will never feel the same.
#footsie #flirting #hitting on #physical contact #foreplay
by Mary Jo8 January 13, 2009
A person's voice or personality on the phone that may be different than in person.
1. Woah, you and your mom's tellular voices sound exactly the same!
2. I can't talk to her except in person. Her tellular personality is all awkward and shy.
#telephone #cell phone #cellular #multiple personalities #telly
by Mary Jo8 February 01, 2009
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