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a slut with no talent.

a person with obviously fake hair extensions.

a punk rock wannabe.
1. i'm hillary duff and i'm a slutty hooker.

2. Is this my real hair? Of course not. what kind of person do you think i am?

3. i am so punk rawk.
by Mary Garrison December 10, 2004
a pretty fun virtual game. But now people are being frozen for saying things on the neoboards like " is anyone giving up a chomby to the pound" which is a perfectly non-offensive post. Then the neopets team will come along and say "you have been frozen for trying to steal peoples pets." Tell Adama Powell he can go fuck his asparagus chias for all i care. And i hate report-happy people.
Person who posted this message:" will someone give me a (insert nameof item here) for a quest?"

Report-happy person: " reported for scamming"
by Mary Garrison December 23, 2004
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