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2 definitions by Mary Ahn

1. a chinese male with a big nose and girlfriend that scurries like a mouse
2. also known as achilles
3. has a long island accent, very noticeable and thick
4. on a scale of a 1-10 someone with this name would be ranked a value that does not exist
5. a manwhore
Yu hang! you look like a horse because of your big nose
by Mary Ahn January 20, 2009
an alcoholic beverage imported from taiwan that causes the drinker to have luscious cherry red lips and play really well at beer pong usually fermented in someones backyard
I was drinking a mjyuto and then I got really drunk and it made me see something like this:
:x :x :x :x
and then I started hearing random african clucking noises
by Mary Ahn January 20, 2009