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fuck that.. floral park is the greatest town to live in.
true it has some boring nights but no other town is like fp.
typical day/night in floral park: wake up late from a severe hangover trying to remember what the fuck happend last night,get pizza from village,go home and get ready for that night, have village once again, go for a beer run at mertle without showing any id and have a nice chat with frank, go to one of the many open houses, get drunk and/or high, maybe you'll even see anette walking uptown or eating at wendys and by the end of the night you're probably passed out and you somehow get home.
if you're lucky you wont have any run ins with officer fat-ass.
guy1: yo that cove party last night was fucking ill
guy2: sorry i dont remember it
anette: yes, yes it was ill

floral park owns.
by Mary Jane July 10, 2006

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