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channel on Irc full of ballbreakers (people who talk absolute shit and harp on issues such as equality, race, sexual intercourse and mirc commands)created by mary aka reknown for being the Queen of ballbreakers home of mIrcs highest rated geeks and uberleet haxors
"omg her channel is full of ball breakers"
by mary April 13, 2005
A mid-semester quzi report card that results in 1) watching a movie in class while the teacher fills them out and 2) being harped upon and/or threatened by parents to improve grades before the "real" report cards are issued.
"Your interim grades are awful. You'd better buckle down."
by Mary March 20, 2005
when someone is just so incredibly ugly, they are fucking nasty or narsty.
that guy is so farsty he should wear a bag over his head.
by mary December 02, 2004
(Pikey) A complete loser who cannot dress. With their lack of intellect, the average pikey's vocabulary stretches to 'Mcdonalds', 'Burberry' and (for the more intelligent breed of pikey) -'Orpington Market'.
'God.... Bromley is just full of pikeys'
by Mary November 25, 2003
Synonym of urethra, piss hole.

The hole from which urine or piss is excreted from your sexy, sexy body (unless you are fat. then your body is not sexy at all).
I think I have an STD cos I can feel a stinging sensation up my piddle pipe.

Jaunty, you're shit at cunnilingus; you're licking my piddle pipe instead of my clitoris. Sort it out.

Oh no I've accidentally set fire to my pubes and now my piddle pipe has 3rd degree burns
by Mary March 13, 2005
super duper cute! want to pinch your chEekss
by MaRy July 20, 2003
the epitome of S W E E T. also very very sexy! *slurp slurp
by MaRy July 17, 2003

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