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99 definitions by Mary

a female who has ramdon sex with men she doesnt know.also she iss storing there semen
Carol is such a humpbag.. she will sleep with anyone
by mary November 10, 2004
2 3
A younger breed of pikey. Tragically, they think that they only way they can fit in and be accepted is if they dress like a complete idiot, aka a pikey. They are beginning to grow in population, particularly in the Bromley area.
'God.... ,MAJOR premature pikey alert'
by Mary November 25, 2003
1 2
channel on Irc full of ballbreakers (people who talk absolute shit and harp on issues such as equality, race, sexual intercourse and mirc commands)created by mary aka reknown for being the Queen of ballbreakers home of mIrcs highest rated geeks and uberleet haxors
"omg her channel is full of ball breakers"
by mary April 13, 2005
3 5
M as in Mary
G as in Girl
O as in Open
S as in Sexy
I as in Intelligent
E as in Excellent
that MGOSIE girl is super fun!
by Mary December 14, 2004
7 9
The absolute most amazing person in the entire world.
The love of my life.
by Mary November 10, 2004
1 3
what dan's mom should have done
Finally, in exasperation, she told Dan,"i should have used my right to choose about 6 months before your birthday"
by mary July 09, 2004
4 6
another type of plastic
silicone, plastic over all
by Mary March 14, 2004
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