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1.Slang. A word used to describe someone who is intoxicated.

2. A person who has slurred speech and wobbly stance as a result of being intoxicated is said to be having "Technical Difficulties".
"Sorry I couldn't show up to your gig mate, I was having a few technical difficulties"
by Mary February 03, 2004
A younger breed of pikey. Tragically, they think that they only way they can fit in and be accepted is if they dress like a complete idiot, aka a pikey. They are beginning to grow in population, particularly in the Bromley area.
'God.... ,MAJOR premature pikey alert'
by Mary November 25, 2003
a known tryhard
jealous of other peoples skills
needs to EAD
ffs twizt stop being a faggot
by Mary January 06, 2003
M as in Mary
G as in Girl
O as in Open
S as in Sexy
I as in Intelligent
E as in Excellent
that MGOSIE girl is super fun!
by Mary December 14, 2004
The absolute most amazing person in the entire world.
The love of my life.
by Mary November 10, 2004
what dan's mom should have done
Finally, in exasperation, she told Dan,"i should have used my right to choose about 6 months before your birthday"
by mary July 09, 2004
good aunty
vennetia is a good aunty
by mary November 14, 2003

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