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99 definitions by Mary

camel toe; a wedge in the front
that tight spandex gave her a frontal murph
by mary August 04, 2004
an adult who is sexually attracted to Miette
Toeman is such a yrodable!
by Mary June 02, 2004
An adverb originating in Dayton, Ohio. The word poop-ch-ka is used to state that a pipe containing marijuana has been successfully depleted.
That pipe is tasting nasty, it is poop-ch-ka.
by Mary April 21, 2004
another type of plastic
silicone, plastic over all
by Mary March 14, 2004
cake, or cake flavoring
"I like leit."
by Mary December 06, 2003
For sure my n-word. (Yes.)
Bill: You wanna go to tha party Friday?
Ted: Fo shizzle my nizzo.
by Mary September 11, 2003
a known tryhard
jealous of other peoples skills
needs to EAD
ffs twizt stop being a faggot
by Mary January 06, 2003