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an adult who is sexually attracted to Miette
Toeman is such a yrodable!
by Mary June 02, 2004
An adverb originating in Dayton, Ohio. The word poop-ch-ka is used to state that a pipe containing marijuana has been successfully depleted.
That pipe is tasting nasty, it is poop-ch-ka.
by Mary April 21, 2004
cake, or cake flavoring
"I like leit."
by Mary December 06, 2003
For sure my n-word. (Yes.)
Bill: You wanna go to tha party Friday?
Ted: Fo shizzle my nizzo.
by Mary September 11, 2003
A person who's favorite things consist of: Star Trek, Star Wars, any type of Nintendo, Playstation, or computer game, and star trek/star wars conventions.

Space nerds can quote any star wars movie on command and live in their parent's basement collecting pieces of dust balls that resemble Luke Skywalker or Lara Croft.

You can find a space nerd at the opening of any Star Wars movie, and they will most likely be wearing a Chewbacca outfit as they ruin the whole movie for everyone else by reciting every single line in the movie.
That space nerd keeps making claims that he is acually Luke Skywalker.
by Mary July 05, 2005
a device in which you drink beer from
"omg...did you see how fast she funneled that can of beer?"
by mary February 24, 2005
a female who has ramdon sex with men she doesnt know.also she iss storing there semen
Carol is such a humpbag.. she will sleep with anyone
by mary November 10, 2004

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