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Fashion that is spectacular
Versace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Burberry, anything that is fashiontacular
by mARY November 21, 2012
A synonym for jerk
That guy is such a jarve.
by Mary July 26, 2004
A kiss given on the labia.
"I wanted to give her a jelly kiss."
by Mary June 27, 2004
USMC,(ret)- also known as GOD
"MSgt. knows everything, therefore he is GOD"
by Mary November 24, 2003
Saptown, USA from the word sappy. The condition of extreme sappiness. A temporary or permanent residency depending on volume and saturation of sappiness. Most commonly found in tall skinny guys with shaggy hair who play the guitar. Not entirely undesirable, but occasionally vomit including.
He's a nice guy but he's like Saptown, USA.
by Mary April 20, 2005
A substitute for the word procrastinate.
Man, I was dynositing and forgot to do my gazillion essays for Dr. Bures!
by Mary September 11, 2004
camel toe; a wedge in the front
that tight spandex gave her a frontal murph
by mary August 04, 2004

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