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99 definitions by Mary

when a girl is in the middle of a threesome and one guy is fucking her in the ass and another is at the other end screwing her in the front
They saw i lady sandwich in the porn movie
by Mary April 05, 2005
Golden Yellow Shortning, produced in 1950's
used in cooking
by mary December 01, 2003
car dealership term:
person will put blame on you "the bus driver" and roll over you, drag you down, tattletaler, a rat
Watch your back cause that girl is a bus roller..she'll drag you down
by mary April 06, 2005
having a very large back side...
backround: from the streets
I got a big kadonkadonk
by mary August 03, 2004
morgan has a big asss
my ass bitch
by mary January 31, 2004
refer to African Engineering
by Mary March 10, 2003
Fashion that is spectacular
Versace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Burberry, anything that is fashiontacular
by mARY November 21, 2012