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basically go fuck yourself
"Take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut, cocksucker"
by Mary November 24, 2003
someone foolish, someone of little intelligence.
Bob is such a Jack Rod for telling angie what i said.
by mary November 11, 2004
To react in an overly sensitive way to a humorous comment that made YOU feel bad but made US rejoice in laughter on your account!
"Look at her catch feelings just 'cos I told her that the green shirt she has looks like puke!"
by Mary January 26, 2004
Billboard Music Charts places a bullet next to any song or album that has gotten a higher rating since the last chart came out. Regardless of how long it took the song/album to achieve this rating, if its number has gone up, it gets a bullet.
"I'll be your number one with a bullet"
- Fall Out Boy
It means I'll be your new number one!
by Mary March 17, 2006
Couples operate in public areas, and they display affection such as holding hands, kissing etc. They do this to rub it in single people's faces that they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
'Woh. There's some serious PDA goin on here. I wish they'd bugger off, they're makin me depressed.'
by Mary November 25, 2003
True Beauty
"Look at that flower, that's Ros, if ever i saw it"
by Mary July 22, 2003
great underground emo-punk band from maryland.
zella mayzell rocks the casbah
by Mary May 23, 2004

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