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Variation on the term "poon tang"
Courtney Love's all drunk and spreading her legs and showing her poonaner to everybody!
by Mary July 22, 2004
a fuzzy red adorable monster all kids under 7 want to be when they get older
i love seasame street
by Mary April 07, 2005
'Neath a grove of stately oak trees, these girls grow up surrounded by the best of what Raleigh has to offer. With highly educated teachers and the finest cuisine, the young women are given opportunities like no other. Along with the educated teacher, these "saints" are able to meet the a-listers of the world... like Cokie Roberts. After her visit, many girls were heard saying, "Cokie for President" or "Theo Rules". Make fun all you want, but we don't see Cokie speaking at Broughton.
guy 1: hey, who is that hot girl?
guy 2: oh, she goes to SMS.
by Mary February 15, 2005
another type of plastic
silicone, plastic over all
by Mary March 14, 2004
Billboard Music Charts places a bullet next to any song or album that has gotten a higher rating since the last chart came out. Regardless of how long it took the song/album to achieve this rating, if its number has gone up, it gets a bullet.
"I'll be your number one with a bullet"
- Fall Out Boy
It means I'll be your new number one!
by Mary March 17, 2006
To react in an overly sensitive way to a humorous comment that made YOU feel bad but made US rejoice in laughter on your account!
"Look at her catch feelings just 'cos I told her that the green shirt she has looks like puke!"
by Mary January 26, 2004
True Beauty
"Look at that flower, that's Ros, if ever i saw it"
by Mary July 22, 2003
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