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<British Slang>
A term used to describe an unfortunate situation which is usually the result of one or more persons taking advantage of another. Under normal circumstances the person does not know that they have been 'Fucked over' until it is too late.

Being 'Fucked over' does not normally relate to physical violence/assault; it is more suited to describing a feeling of betrayal experienced when one realises that someone you once trusted has been deceiving you for their personal gain. Also see pulled a fast one.
Elliott was really let down when he discovered that his friend had be lying to him for the last six months.
by Marwick84 May 31, 2005
(Her - Bert) The generic term used to describe moronic sub-humans who loiter around outside tacky fast food resteraunts and off licences. The term can be used in conjunction chavs and janners.

As a social class the Herbert prefers Burberry knock-offs Argos jewellery and cheap cider. The males are individually weak and easily scared off, yet in groups they can be intimidating bastards who will try to ponce anything from cigarettes to small change off you.

Herberts are not only recognisable by their shitty dress sense they are also borderline Neanderthals. They possess no grasp of wit or irony - they are proud of there ignorance and take pleasure in insulting anyone with a grain more intelligence than they possess. I imagine that's why they are so obnoxious to everyone...
I was walking past the off-licence at 10 last night and i encountered a group of herberts - one stood up next to me and demanded that i blix my watch to him.

I pushed him over and stampted on his head 18 times... At this point a police officer stopped me and took over.

by Marwick84 September 30, 2005
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