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3 definitions by Marvin Lingweeny

(1)noun: Something not necessarily gnarled but rather so intensely awesome that it becomes a connotation of someone gnarly.
(2)interjection: An exclamation showing great emotion, not specifying any particular meaning.
(3)noun: A surprisingly awesome kill in the video game Resistance: Fall of Man
(4)verb: execute a surprisingly awesome kill in the video game Resistance: Fall of Man
(1)"Wow that double back-flip was GNARKILL!!!"
(2)"Dude! I just larked you from like across the map!!! Flipin' GNARKILL!!!"
(3)"I wish the game said GNARKILL every time i killed you."
(4)"Ima GNARKILL you..."
by Marvin Lingweeny June 03, 2007
(1) (n.) the art of sex coinciding with a pole and macaroni.
(2) (n.) a sex position that requires at least ten hours of moonlight.
(3) (v.) to hump so rapidly as to create fire.
(4) (adj.) humpable in the moonlight.
(1) "Damn Megan. You and Evan went home for some oingo-boingo Saturday night?"
(2) "Megan's plans for oingo-boingo with Evan were foiled by the absence of moonlight."
(3) "I oingo-boingo all night long with Evan Ponic."
(4) "Wow that foreign exchange student named Evan is so oingo-boingo."
by Marvin Lingweeny October 08, 2007
(1)noun: A North American bird that is known for its singing voice
(2)noun: The rocket-launcher based weapon in the video game, Resistance: Fall of Man
(3)verb: To frolic or play in a boisterous manner
(4)verb: (no specified meaning or restriction)
(5)verb: To creep or stalk to a lesser degree without moving (used in place of lurk)
(5)verb: To play, or more specifically, use the rocket-launcher in the video game Resistance: Fall of Man
(6)verb: To be cheap or unfair in the video game such as using the rocket-launcher's mini rockets. Resistance: Fall of Man
(1)"Shutup you stupid LARK, I'm trying to say something!"
(2)"Dude, Marvin, the LARK has mini rockets... gnarkill!!!"
(3)"Lets go LARK in the meadow... under a rainbow..."
(4)"LARK it up!!! Oooh look... party fowl."
(5)"Let's go LARK at my house. I just got a PS3 and Resistance!"
(6)"Damnit! That stupid newb is LARKING."
by Marvin Lingweeny June 11, 2007