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1. n; An instrument of quasi in rem justice typically wielded in response to legislative abuse of zoning powers.
2. n; An armor-plated Komatsu bulldozer used to punish abuses of the legislative branch against hard-working Americans who own small businesses.

3. n; Any machine which is fueled by righteousness, justice, freedom, American spirit, and 200 gallons of diesel fuel.

4. v; An extreme and pure act of justice which vindicates the wrongs done against the actor.

5. adj; disposed or inclined to punishing governmental abuse and seeking justice for the citizen.

6. adj; Badass.

7. n; Badass.

8. b; Badass.

9. n; Patriot.
1. “The board is making itself rich at the expense of honest small business owners, the killdozer will have to be deployed.”

2. “Honey, can you move your car? I need to take the killdozer over to city hall and work some justice.”

3. ***

4. “I wrongfully legislated that dude out of business and he killdozered my underinsured hardware store, thus putting me out of business.” “Don’t make me killdozer your printing press.”

5. “Marvin sure is pissed about the local zoning board abusing their power and forcing him out of business, don’t they know he is a real killdozer and won’t let them get away without paying?”

6. ***
7. ***
8. ***
9. ***
by Marvin's Law April 26, 2008

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