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A mentally handicapped individual who rules over the other mentally under developed in a group. Such behavior is very similar to what is seen in Apes where the Alpha Male plays a dominant position
"The Alpha Retard rules over those other retards with an iron fist..."
by Marvelous 4 Eva July 06, 2003
The often plastic recepticle in which men masturbate into for either dontation or insemination of their sperm.
'Sir please ejaculate your semen into the "Fuck Cup" and then hand it into the front desk.'
by Marvelous 4 Eva July 05, 2003
Prescription medicine designed to allow men to achieve a state of arousal. Such prescriptions are given to those who are impotent for one reason or another.
I can't get it up until I pop some fuck beans baby.
by Marvelous 4 Eva July 06, 2003
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