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11 definitions by MarvelosityReigns

saying youtube.com and facebook.com at the same time
Hey did you see that new youbook video?
by MarvelosityReigns July 12, 2009
Another way of saying"i need to pee"
Yo man i really gots to take a jizz for my wizz
by MarvelosityReigns November 06, 2009
A way of saying facebook without sounding loserish
"Hey talking to you on bookface last night was soooooooooooo kool"
by MarvelosityReigns June 27, 2009
the action of having sex through chat on facebook
Mike:"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaa,fexbooking is sooooooo much fun "
Amy:"i like that sound of that..."
Mike:"i heard you like it rough"
by MarvelosityReigns March 19, 2010