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5 definitions by Marv


What you say to someone after they get a sexual transmitted disease

Y. You
S. Should
O. of
W. Worn
P. Protection
P. Phucka
Ahh YSOWPP, I told you that girl was nasty !
by Marv October 18, 2004
1. to leave, exit
2. to remove something from somewhere
3. to move at a fast rate of speed
1.-This place sucks - I'm gonna stick.
-Sav is a douchebag - he needs to stick.

2.-Stick that booger.
-Stick that fat bastard from my barbecue.
-that fuckin asshole stuck all my glogs

3.-"look at those zogs sticking with the TV's"
-the sheep tend to stick when Bubba shows up.
by Marv November 08, 2004
A box containing watercooling components for a pc. So as to save room inside main case.
My watercooling is stored in a rad box
by Marv April 24, 2005
when u got a girlfriend but u got that female on the side.
im about to come schwooop you up and ride out on 22's incognito so we dont get caught!
by Marv February 09, 2005
black person


see also Herzog
noun -The zog spent the money for his electricity bill on sneakers.

adj. - those sneakers were mad zog too.
by Marv November 08, 2004