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7 definitions by Martita Papita

Initials for Jerk-Off Material. When a guy goes home and jerks off after seeing a hot female.
Yo, check out that JOM in the short skirt. Do I owe her money for the visual? Damn, she fine.
by Martita Papita June 27, 2010
A smart or nerdy guy with long or wide sideburns often seen studying in the college library. Sideburnicus will also do your paper for a small fee.
Damn, I gots to find me Sideburnicus. I gots a paper due in tree (3) days! Yo, Sideburnicus, where you at? I know you in da library somewhere.
by Martita Papita July 16, 2010
When you have sex with a rich girl who is engaged to another man.
I got my cock in that rock. She was engaged with a fat ring on her finger. But I still busted a nut inside her.
by martita papita June 07, 2011
When you are really convinced that you are right.
cashier: $24.95 ma'am.
old jewish lady: what? that's supposed to be $19.95.
cashier: it says $24.95 ma'am.
old jewish lady: I want to speak to your manager!
cashier: you want to speak to my manager?
old jewish lady; DATS RIGHT! I want to speak to your manager.
cashier: okay, hold on.
old jewish lady: DATS RIGHT. you're wrong young man.
by Martita Papita July 16, 2010
A Russian moron. Someone who disregards other people and rules in general.
Mitch: Why you tryin to cut the line?
Sasha: Vat do you mean? Me was here.
Mitch: No you weren't....you moron-itchka.
Sasha: Why you say dis?
Mitch: Because you're a dumb Russian with no respect.
by Martita Papita July 07, 2010
When a guy is with 2 girls and he gets no action, but the girls hook up with each other. Like Switzerland, the guy remains neutral and misses an opportunity to be with 2 girls.
Last night, I watched 2 girls hook up and I was a swiss miss. We were all hanging out and next thing I know, they're hooking up and I got swiss missed.
by Martita Papita June 27, 2010
The lint at the top of your ass-crack that compiles there by the end of the day. Usually caused by boxers or cotton underwear.
I got mad jit up in my ass.

To get rid of jit, place your thumb and your index finger at the top of your ass-crack and pull. And there it is!
by Martita Papita June 27, 2010