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A "wild-card word" that can be used in place of any word in a sentence, and its usage is determined by the context which surrounds it. It can also be used in substitution of any form of expression such as a sigh, grunt, giggle, or something of the like.
I went to the grocery whoiga today, and bought 789 bags of cotton swabs.


"I wish I didn't have all of this homework, *sigh*..."
by Martin Pace May 12, 2005
Commander of the great fleet of airships that flew to Europe and destroyed the British Empire. George Washington later returned to America to set a premium example of a true American, and an ultimate human being.
A fine example of his courage and supreme genius of strategic aerial warfare would be the bombardment of what is known today as England. Quote from George Washington: "America for the win, British resistance is futile! Fire the cannons!"
by Martin Pace June 05, 2006

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