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It is considered an effort when:
1.Something is very poor/rubbish/daft.
2.Someone is being foolish (i.e. bipping someone).
Person 1 - "Pick that up"
Person 2 - "You're a proper effort you!"
by Martin Heward September 14, 2004
The opposite of effort, neffort is actually an abbreviation of "non-effort".

The meaning is something that is so poor/ridiculous that it is not worthy of being called an effort
Person 1 - "You fancy men"
Person 2 - "That was an effort"
Person 1 - "You are"
Person 2 - "That was a neffort"
by Martin Heward September 14, 2004
"Biffa" started off as a school nickname given to a teacher by several witty students. Other meanings include:

1. An insult shouted to someone in a humourus accent.
2. A word shouted when angry.
3. A "Biffa-ripping" shortened to (bipping) occurs when some one has been made to look extremley foolish.
1. "BIFFA"
2. "Awww Biffa!"
by Martin Heward September 15, 2004
A phrase said to someone whom you don't really like or wish to irritate.

It MUST be said after everything they say.
Person 1 - "You're an effort you"
Person 2 - "You are"
Person 1 - "Stop bipping yourself"
Person 2 - "You are"
Person 1 - "I'm bipping myself?"
Person 2 - "You are"
by Martin Heward September 14, 2004
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