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When human excrement leaves the bowel in tiny, pebble like pieces of shit.
Little Benny used the potty for the first time, and made Mr. Rabbit Poops.
by Martin Goya March 24, 2006
Another term for a lap dance
Dang, I want to get a lappie from the pole hoe, but she won't come over here. That pole isn't even giving her money.
by Martin Goya March 24, 2006
Similar to a vertical smile, only the lips hang real low. A known characteristic of usually old, experienced strippers and dancers.
That droopy smile looks like a giant prune. I don't want to give her my dollar.
by Martin Goya March 24, 2006
The stripper that refuses to give lap dances, or dance in front of you. Instead, she dances on the pole, and watches you out of the corner of her eye.
Damn, I want a lappie from that one exotic dancer, but she's not coming over here. She's such a pole hoe.
by Martin Goya March 24, 2006
the smell that lingers on sinful hands.
Have you been masturbating? Because it smells like stunk hand up in this biotch.
by Martin Goya March 24, 2006
The act of where a female dry fucks a man with a 2-inch peen.
The stripper said to me, "Damn, that guy's short. I hate rub-a-dubs. But it's whatever pays the bills."
by Martin Goya March 24, 2006

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