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Karatefylla is when you wake up with blood all over your hands and have no idea of what happened.
You might get karatefylla after drinking alcohol
by Martin Ericson December 11, 2006
locpof means laughing out cat poo on the floor.
Guy: I just bought a new bike!
Mature Girl: LOCPOF!
Guy: ? xD
Mature Girl: xD
by Martin Ericson November 15, 2004
/-* is a child which has been crushed with a sledgehammer.
Child: Hi dad!
Dad: Muhaha
Child: /-*
by Martin Ericson November 24, 2004
Pocflop means Poo Of Cat Flop. (You make a back/front-flip by slipping in catpoo.)
Dude: Man what happened to you yesterday? Why are you in a wheelchair?
Cool Dude: I made a pocflop and broke my neck so now i cant walk.
Dude: Cool Dude..
Cool Dude: I know. /-*
by Martin Ericson December 11, 2006

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