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an informal expression used to say goodbye, see ya, bye etc.
Person1: I'm gonna go now. See ya!
Person2: Alright, buh bye :)
by Martiine March 22, 2007
a coughing sound made when trying to gain someones attention
Person1: Khm..
Person2: Yes?
Person1: I thought you would never notice me^^
by Martiine March 22, 2007
A short form of 'resurrection' used in online games, mainly MMORPGs, to ask for resurrection from other players.
Someone1: resss
Someone2: Sorry, i don't have the skill

Someone1: res pls
Someone3: Alright i'll res u :)
Someone1: ty
by Martiine March 22, 2007
a short version of 'real life'
In rlf he wouldn't act like he did in this game.
by Martiine March 22, 2007

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