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An extravagant display of junk mail extolling the benefits of Viagra, hoodia and the Atkins Diet mixed in with an assortment of cheap corporate holiday e-cards, dating site registration forms, emails that if not sent kill you and ceaseless instalments of your varsity newsletter.

Exspamaganzas occur most often after prolonged vacations, hacking and the issuing of your email address to random, though often good-looking, promotions personnel.
Ohmigosh, I made the mistake of giving Date-A-Mate my email address and now whenever I hit refresh it’s an exspamaganza.

Dude, you need to put a junk filter on your mail account otherwise when you sign in after Easter Break you're in for a total exspamaganza!
by Marth Vaderrr March 08, 2011
To sing while listening. Singening is when you are listening to a song but mostly just singing over it. There is an act of listening to the orginal song but not at the expense of said singing and with the liberty to drown out the whole recording.This word also applies when all you know is the chorus and you let the song play in peace till that point following which you come in voce forte until the bridge. Singening is often done in the shower, the car and sometimes in empty elevators.
Erica: Hey Lisa whatcha up to?
Lisa: Nothing much, just singening to some R Kelly.

I was singening to Mariah Carey in the shower this morning and my boyfriend told me I should be featured on Deaf.fm.
by Marth Vaderrr February 17, 2011

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