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A specialized psychologist.
My psychotherapist is SO BEAUTIFUL, I wish she would turn into PSYCHO-THE-RAPIST during my appointments. But, NO, she has some kind of professional ethics or something!
by Marten Fisher November 25, 2006
The Ferret and Weasel are closely related and can interbreed.
The Ferret Weasel is called a "Feasel", and its fur is so fine, you will want to Werret.
by Marten Fisher November 25, 2006
Another name for the wolverine.
I sat in my Jeep, up on a hill, and watched through my binoculars as a 35 pound carcajou took over a caribou carcass from seven 100 pound wolves.
by Marten Fisher June 30, 2006
A much larger version of the Marten or Sable. This animal belongs to the weasel family, and, as such, is related to ferrets, minks, otters and wolverines. It eats squirrels, rabbits, porcupines (a favorite) and even its smaller cousin, the Marten. Have been known to kill bobcats and lynx.
Then fisher, like the badger and the wolverine, is one BADASS animal. They kill porcupines by grabbing them by the nose and flipping them over onto their back. Then they slice open their stomachs and EAT!
by Marten Fisher July 26, 2006
An acronym used to describe the philosophy and/or action of

S aving
E ndangered
S pieces
T hrough
D omestication
The SESTeD system only applies to wild animals deemed to be suitable for domestication as pets. Licensed breeders are allowed to have "whole" animals, the general public are only allowed to have neutered/spayed animals.

Please promote the SESTeD system in your State.
by Marten Fisher December 08, 2006
A GTO owner. The Pontiac GTO is often called "Goat".
Jeff is a Stanger, Jim is a Goater, and Joe is a Stinger. Joe wins all the races, Jeff always comes in last.
by Marten Fisher November 25, 2006
Derives from "gun slinger". A 6f or larger, circle or square of denim, canvas, or burlap with a hole for the wearer's head in the center. Usually woven of black, dark brown, and navy blue threads. Worn over a shirt.
The slinger disguises the gunslinger's movements. It is also often worn over long johns at night as a blanket.
by Marten Fisher November 25, 2006

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