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The politically correct form of Nigger Jim.
I can't believe we have to call him N Word Jim now. Mark Twain must be rolling over in his grave.
by Mart Adler June 30, 2008
An arcade in the town of Littleton, Co.
Leo: Where are you going this weekend?
Eric: I'm thinking of heading over to Super Phun Thyme to play a few games and stuff.
by Mart Adler July 12, 2008
A bad person who looks like a man and a woman. See Marilyn Manson
It's all his or her fault! Who does he or she think he or she is? Look, you can totally see his or her nipples, that's obscene, maybe! We're gonna have to find this Marilyn Manson and I'm gonna give that bastard or bitch a piece of my mind or penis!
by Mart Adler June 30, 2008
To turn something gay either through rallying or through the courts.
The courts would faggotize every Californian citizen if they had the chance.
by Mart Adler June 30, 2008
A communist or anyone associated with the commies.
Josef Stalin is a red bastard. And so is Fidel Castro and Chairman Mao.
by Mart Adler June 30, 2008
A concert that was supposed to raise awareness about saving the planet, but instead wasted more kilowattage than the average household uses in a year.

A vessel for opportunists like Sheryl Crow to preach their hippie crap i.e. using only one square of tp for your bungholio.

A concert that wastes a lot of energy while at the same time making people feel like their the ones making an effort to save the earth.
Person 1: I love Live Earth. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Person A: That my friend is hell creeping up on you.

1: Explain please?

A: This concert wastes more energy than you do in a freakin' year.

1: I'm doing something instead of staying home and watching TV.

A: For the first time in a while, watching TV is the better option.
by Mart Adler August 20, 2008
The Jewish Task Force JTF is the greatest organization ever.
In your heart you know we're right and in your guts you know they're nuts. Join the Jewish Task Force! Shalom!
by Mart Adler June 30, 2008

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