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When two guys are showing the goat to a girl and the girl jacks them off at the same time as if you were milking a goat
Jack: Dude, I know this sorority girl that is willing to do the move, milking the goat
Bill: I don't know man, she is pretty dirty.... but i'm always down for getting milked
Jack: ok she is gonna come in the door now so get ready!
by Marsupial Watson September 30, 2010
1. The point where one reaches absolute grogginess.
2. One CANNOT be more groggy.
3. Fucking Slogworth man.
Jack: I'm soooo tired, I cant move.
Jill: You are so slogworth!
Jack: Yeah it was the after effects of that rip i took
Jill: True, the only way to treat Slogworth is by taking another rip though.
by Marsupial Watson July 10, 2010

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