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2 definitions by Marshmallowcrew

Short for, "Mythbusters that shit!"

Telling somebody to check the TV show Mythbusters as a rebuttal after they wrongly claim a myth/rumor is true.

Especially helpful if they still disagree with you after your first refute.
John: A penny dropped from the Empire State Building can kill somebody.
Brian: No it can't...
John: Dude, I read it online.
Brian:Dude, MYTHBUST THAT SHIT!!!!!!
by Marshmallowcrew October 11, 2010
24 1
A horrible event or task that was a clusterfuck, and also sucked.

Increases the severity of both the words to describe your hatred, but inputs your ability to be comical through the anger (it does sound funny after all).

Not really applicable to people.
Brian: Oh god driving in the snow is going to be a clusterfuck of suck.

Jeremy: Work was terrible today.
Chris: Why?
Jeremy: Mostly 'cuz it was a clusterfuck of suck.
Chris: haha
by Marshmallowcrew January 20, 2011
22 4