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An AMAZING name. Also a good adjective for any girl who is gorgeous, smart, funny, talented, loving, loved, and fabulous in general. If you are considering having a kid, name it Olivia: despite the sex.
That girl isn't named Olivia? She totally should be!
by Marshallnowmsnd May 23, 2008
The sexiest most incredible, hottest, lovable, knowing, trying, happy thing in the entire world. I want to bang him. in the stolen words of someone who was talking about Rupert Grint, He will father my babies!"
1: Whatcha readin?
2:Harry Potter.
1: Orgasmistic! i want him to father my babies.
2: Can you have sex with a book?
1:The character, retard.
2: O. What about the actor?
1: :)
by Marshallnowmsnd May 23, 2008
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