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A definition of consummate is "perfect."
<End of story.>
Consummate V's
by MARSha June 05, 2003
Possibly the coolest person in existence. Founder of Rices and Surprises.
Also can be referred to as: Tome, Tomey, Tutu,or Tuto
Tome is my homeboy!
by Marsha September 30, 2003
A person that is not only obese, but is half japanese as well.
Matt O'Doud is a fattyhalfjap.

Damn look at that fattyhalfjap eat those chicken wings.

Shut up, you fattyhalfjap!
by Marsha January 15, 2004
Jenna jameson hott sexy porn star!!! hottest of hott, drop dead fucking gorgeous
im not a lesbian but she fucking hott!!!!!!
by marsha August 11, 2004
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