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2 definitions by Marsh Skeele

One, usually female, whose face is wrinkled, withered, and stained amber from years of chain smoking.
A cigface also has a distinctive cackle and may call you "hun" or "sugar", followed by the said cackle.
A waitress or bartender may get to be a second hand cigface, though this is a rarity.
by Marsh Skeele January 03, 2009
The adjective describing a ne'er do well or a "nehrd".
To be nerhdy is more than just to be an idle worthless person, it also embodies a person with numerous misplaced values.
To smoke indoors, to have Jägermeister tats, or own decorative dragon knives would all be nehrdy traits.
A nehrdy characteristic would be to value cigarettes or and whatever beer comes in 30packs or 16oz "tall boys" over many other valid concerns such as nourishing food or employment in a non-stolen used car parts career field.
A nehrdy thing to say might be "Burning Daylight!" Which is ironic because although a commonplace nehrdy saying, the saved daylight hours are rarely used for anything even mildly productive.
Another favorite nehrdy quote is "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" This prized saying is popular amongst the nehrdy contingent because it legitimizes idle behavior.
by Marsh Skeele January 03, 2009