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A male who is in constant need of p0rn, who gets a hard on for Lenin. Often found in his natural habitat of Giveupalready.com, he likes to chill like a player in the #GUA chatroom. Good with girls, you can ask him anything.

"Oh my god... Did you hear about that venezuelan chick? Damn she was a fucking hottie!!"
"Yeah. Hey, you do know that that guy boned her..."
"Whoa! Is there anything Cgarx can't do?"
by Mars05 May 09, 2004
A male species living deep within the Giveupalready.com jungles. The Alpha male of its tribe, it has risen up the ranks to the rank of moderator, where it is resting until it will embark on a journey towards the deep inlands of the Smoderator forum ;)

Just Kidding.

HookerBodyShots makes good jokes, unlike myself, and has a fair sense of justice when it comes to moderating the General Discussion area of Giveupalready.com
"Yo, Hooker is teh shiznit, eh man?"
Bitchass Punk takes a fucking rifle and shoots towards the fucking shiznit, right mahn?
"Yo, fuck you muthafuckin bitchass! I'm gon' fuck you up!"
Hooker swipes down from left to right with his leet mod skills and gets the punkass on the fucking floor. "Yo bitch, go suck yo moms sluthole ya dirty fuck!"
by Mars05 May 09, 2004

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