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The act of performing any sort of work in a laboraory setting while not wearing pants.
There are two methods of doing things: the safe way and the Mason Method.
by Mars Rover4 October 20, 2004
wanking off while sliding down the steps on your back. variations: the skeleton, going headfirst on your stomach.
After our trip to the zoo, Becky wouldn't tabbogin, so I had to louge all night.
by Mars Rover4 December 02, 2004
what happens after tabbogining. See also the jerry
Yeah the tow-rope is hard, but it's worth it to tabbogin back down.
by Mars Rover4 November 30, 2004
After tabbogining, proceed to ride her up the stairs. Also known as the tow-rope
Sue gave me a jerry so I could tabbogin her back down.
by Mars Rover4 November 30, 2004
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