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4 definitions by Mars Rover4

The act of performing any sort of work in a laboraory setting while not wearing pants.
There are two methods of doing things: the safe way and the Mason Method.
by Mars Rover4 October 20, 2004
51 9
wanking off while sliding down the steps on your back. variations: the skeleton, going headfirst on your stomach.
After our trip to the zoo, Becky wouldn't tabbogin, so I had to louge all night.
by Mars Rover4 December 02, 2004
42 34
what happens after tabbogining. See also the jerry
Yeah the tow-rope is hard, but it's worth it to tabbogin back down.
by Mars Rover4 November 30, 2004
8 2
After tabbogining, proceed to ride her up the stairs. Also known as the tow-rope
Sue gave me a jerry so I could tabbogin her back down.
by Mars Rover4 November 30, 2004
7 3