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Marriah's are beautiful inside and out, the look for the hidden, deeper meaning, in every aspect of everything. The love being around people the love, but they're most comfortable in their own mind. Marriah's love to love, everything about the word love makes their head spin. They're mellow, and they go with the flow. They're content with life, they want nothing more than to be in a peaceful environment with calm people, such as themselves. Marriah's are genuinely kind at heart, they would never dream of hurting another soul. They're the most passionate and ambitious creatures that walk this earth. They tend to live in dream land more often than reality, so much in fact, that they question what reality really is. Marriah's are philosophers, analyzers, always on a mission to find out the purpose of life. Marriah's will blow your mind, they're truly one of a kind.
by Marriah17 February 02, 2011

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