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A nice, sweet young lady who is usually nice to people. But if you piss her off, she is satan. she is incredibly sexy and Is a well known heartbreaker.

Also refered to as femA female hottie in general.
She is such a fem!

Youre too much of a fem.

She Is A total Eufemia.

Dude, she just pulled a Eufemia on you.
by Maron Aikimoto August 07, 2008
HEy hoster bunny!

Such a Hoster Bunny,
by Maron Aikimoto August 09, 2008
A very Beautiful woman, Who is irresistibly sexy And can get anyone she wants.
Oh my god, that chick is one hot Fem.

she is such a fem,

You dirty fem!
by Maron Aikimoto August 09, 2008
A slutty whore who talks crap about anyone and everyone just to draw attention to herself. she is fat and most of the time uguly as hell.
A well known traitor.
Dude what the hell? she is a total brianda,

dude she pulled a brianda.

Shu t the fuck up you brianda.
by Maron Aikimoto August 08, 2008

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