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Someone who hasnt had sex in a year and therefore has had there cherry grow fully back.
when was the last time you got the ride?

About 13 months ago!

Ha ha you f*cking b.a.v
by Marma D September 04, 2003
Someone who is often seen peaking while in clubs, usually on ecstacy, but can be seen to be done by hyper active 18 year old girls.
John did a couple of e's, he's a bit of a peaker these day.
by marma D September 04, 2003
A fanny
I put my cock in her minky

She had a nice minky
by Marma D August 28, 2003
Some one who never achieves anything i.e. a bit of a bum.

Should never be leant money or invited out anywhere as they will always lunch it
Have you seen much of Adam since we left school?

Yer man, he's a total lunch out


I aint leanding you no money, your a fuckin lunch out
by Marma D August 29, 2003
Another word for cum

your sheets are coverd in bolt

She made me bolt

I bolted as soon as I got it in her
by Marma D September 02, 2003
To relax comfortably i.e. "I was lunched up" or Nah man, im just lunching"

Also used to describe failure "Did john pay you that Fiver?"
"Nah man, he lunched it"

Also can be used to describe someone (usually a cainer) who fails at a lot of things. "Did you get that job?"
"Nah man, I lunched it"
Or maybe in sport.....
Ha man you lunched that last shot!"
by Marma D August 29, 2003
Loving it up at a club, usually while on E's. Although can be seen to be done by some retard townies at crappy, cheesy night clubs.

Someone who peaks often can become known as a peaker.
"Was you peaking last night"

"Look at that knob head peaking"

"That clubs shit, its full of peakers"
by Marma D August 29, 2003
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